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Over 1 Year We've Been Working and Collecting the Best Information about Crochet from all over the Web to Share it with all the people who want to know more about Crochet, Learn New Stitches, Improve their Techniques, Share opinions with other crocheters, etc.

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The Good News is that it is ready The Website: Crochet VIP Community

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It is a website that you can be part of and where you will have access to all that material in a simple and easy way, ordered by topics.

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What will you find in our Crochet VIP Community?

Videos Explaining Crochet Techniques
Crochet Articles and Videos
Post and Videos about Patterns
Post and Videos about Stitches
Post and Videos about Tools
PDF Patterns for Print

Step-by-step descriptions of all types of designs

Access to a Private Group on Facebook for members only
Curiosities about Crochet
Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Jobs
and Much more…

We Will Upload and Add New Stuff and More Material to the Website Permanently!


You can improve your work, get your questions answered, get in touch with the best material related to Crochet, ask your questions and concerns to the other members of our group on Facebook, and many more surprises that we will reveal week after week !!


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